Fountain Valley Ski Club
P.O. Box 8511
Fountain Valley, CA 92728
The year was 1981 when a handful of intrepid Orange County skiers founded the Fountain Valley Ski Club. Mostly members of the Los Caballeros Racket Club in Fountain Valley, they had been driving to Rosemead to participate in monthly bus trips to Mammoth Mountain sponsored by the So Cal Edison Ski Club. At the first club meeting, anyone who either knew how to ski, had an interest in the sport or wanted to learn was welcome - a friendly invitation that is still extended today.

Over the years, snow sports have continued to be the club's focus, with varied year-round activities such as tennis, golf, bowling, camping, bicycling, rafting, wine tasting, beach parties and the arts. The monthly Bota newsletter serves to keep the membership abreast of club happenings. Since that first meeting with 125 participants, FVSC has maintained a dedicated core of members, operating like an extended family of friends.

The club's trip format has remained constant, though prices have risen - in the early 80's 2-day trips were sold for $85 and Mammoth lift tickets were only $19! Today, club membership dues are a bargain - only $5 more than the original fee of $25.

Each year the club features a week-long trip to a mountain outside of California. The list below recaps the terrific resorts we have visited throughout the west. Ever since the first trip to Sun Valley for $595, the club's aim has been to provide great value for a week of top-level winter fun.

 Year President Week Trip Trip Chairperson
 2022 Sonny Smith Steamboat Gay Deperio / Debbie Enos
 2021 Jim Wisenbaker Telluride Yvonne Freeman
 2020 Jim Wisenbaker Vail Yvonne Freeman
 2019 Cheryl Schmid Snowmass Yvonne Freeman
 2018 Sonny Smith Banff Linda "Red" Lipper
 2017 Gary Hoover Steamboat Yvonne Freeman
 2016 Jim Wisenbaker Big Sky Cheryl Gill / Debbie Enos
 2015 Jim Wisenbaker Jackson Hole Cheryl Gill / Debbie Enos
 2014 Jim Wisenbaker Whistler Cheryl Gill
 2013 Lucille Rhodes Sun Valley Jay Waggoner
 2012 Kristin Sanderson Breckenridge Sharyl Ferguson
 2011 Kristin Sanderson Steamboat Sharyl Ferguson
 2010 Kristin Sanderson Telluride Sharyl Ferguson
 2009 Kristin Sanderson Snowmass Sharyl Ferguson
 2008 John Topp Winter Park Sharyl Ferguson
 2007 John Topp Park City Sharyl Ferguson
 2006 Gary Hoover Sun Valley Sharyl Ferguson
 2005 Murry Darch Breckenridge Sharyl Ferguson
 2004 Murry Darch Aspen Sharyl Ferguson
 2003 Murry Darch Steamboat Peggy Knight
 2002 Gary Hoover Jackson Hole Mary Sue Pierce
 2001 Sharyl Ferguson Big Sky Mary Sue Pierce
 2000 Ted Disberry Banff Gary Hoover
 1999 Ralph Blomer Breckenridge Sharyl Ferguson
 1998 Lucille Rhodes Telluride Peggy Knight
 1997 John Dyda Whistler Jane Calister
 1996 Seaton Blanco Steamboat Gini Blomer
 1995 Seaton Blanco Sun Valley Diana Moniz
 1994 Sam Kievit / Murry Darch Aspen Donna Ogilvie
 1993 Murry Darch Breckenridge Gary Hoover
 1992 Bill Parr Banff Lucille Rhodes
 1991 Gary Hoover Park City Becky Darch
 1990 Al Ulrich Crested Butte Kristia Check-Hill
 1989 Steve Ginn Steamboat Nancy Sanford
 1988 Gary Hall Breckenridge Susan Grantham
 1987 Raphael Burgos Aspen Rick Weaver
 1986 Nancy Sanford Steamboat Nancy Brown
 1985 Duane Emde
 1984 Bob Westmoreland Sun Valley
 1983 Tom Burrows Sun Valley
 1982 Randy McMichael Sun Valley